Alan Hewitt

Based in the UK, Alan is a wildlife photographer and freelance writer with a huge passion for wildlife and conservation. Alan’s photographs have been used to support wildlife conservation organisations in both Africa and Europe and also in the any articles he writes for a number of photography and wildlife related publications such as UK Digital Photographer magazine. Alan is also an experienced workshop leader, having guided photographers in different parts of the world including right here in Enonkishu at the House In The Wild.

Kaleel Zibe

Kaleel is an award-winning wildlife and sports photographer and filmmaker. Based in the UK, he photographs for a wide range of clients and publications, including the BBC and RSPB, as well as a number of magazines. In 2011 and 2015, he published ‘Wildlife of the Farne Islands,’ an extensive photography and guide book that documents the islands’ natural beauty. Kaleel also regularly hosts photography safaris and workshops, and is passionate about creating incredible photographic opportunities for his participants.

The opportunity to take part in an amazing Maasai Mara photography adventure, offering expert tuition to all levels of photographers, run by Alan HewiTt and Kaleel Zibe