Wild Impact Adventures provide a unique opportunity to experience real life in Africa while working on innovative ways to improve livelihoods and conserve wildlife. 

Each guest takes part in a tailor made expedition which includes our commitment to their safety and wellbeing during their stay. Participants leave not only with memories of the wonders of Kenya but also with a deeper understanding of East African farming, conservation, education, bush life, wildlife, society and sustainable development.

Wild Impact Trips make a real difference - every guest contributes to conservation and community projects. This makes for an even greater sense of achievement for our guests.

We offer tailor made adventure  itineraries to the Maasai Mara in Kenya.  On our expeditions you will be engaged in innovative conservation projects, immersed in the local culture while exploring the wonders of life in rural Africa.

All packages available from Wild Impact include travel to the Masai Mara and back from Nairobi, Kenya with accommodation in Nairobi on both the first and last nights.  Comfortable 4 wheel drive transport will take you from Nairobi via the Great Rift Valley viewpoint where you can view the place where thousands of animals pass through annually in the great migration.   

On completion of your stay with Wild Impact Adventures, transport will be arranged to take you back to Nairobi where a visit to the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and the Maasai Market will be arranged for you. You will be booked in to accommodation for one night in Nairobi before we bid you farewell as you begin your onward journey.

Wild Impact packages can easily be combined with other trips you may wish to add on to the beginning or end of your adventure. Why not add on a trip to the beautiful Kenya Coast to learn about Marine Conservation with our partners at the Kuruwitu Trust?

Packages run from a minimum of 4 nights up to a maximum of 60.    Every day of your adventure is made up of a combination of excursions, conservation projects, bush craft, safari, volunteering, building activities, cultural experiences, team exercises and leadership skills which can be tailored to suit the participants.

Each package includes full board and accommodation and transfers to and from Nairobi. Itinerary and daily activities are suitably tailored to accommodate the ages and abilities of those booked on to a package.

Add some luxury onto the end of your journey with a stay at House in the Wild.  Just a stone’s throw from the site of Wild Impact Adventure sits this beautiful, fully catered, boutique lodge sleeping 12 people with swimming pool and views over the Mara river.





Learn about Holistic Management
Get involved at the Emarti school


Enonkishu Conservancy is a member of the Global Savory Hub network and it engages with livestock dependent communities on the edge of the Mara Ecosystem, helping them to improve their livelihoods and regenerate the fragile environment for profitable and productive wildlife and livestock grazing.


We have been selected as a Savory Hub, partnering with the Savory Institute.  Holistic Management has been developed by Allan Savory in response the the on-going, and seemingly intractable, degradation of grasslands and rangelands both in his native Zimbabwe and in the US where he later moved as a political exile.


Holistic Management is a decision making process which assists people to optimise their choices of actions relative to their long term goals socially, economically and also relative to the environment. Integrating a number of key environmental insights, such as brittleness and the importance of timing for over and under grazing, amongst others, Allan Savory has had great success regenerating rangelands across the world – improving profitability for ranch owners in North America and Australia, whilst also working with communities across Africa to improve their livelihoods and resilience.


For more information about Holistic Management please see the following links:


Allan Savory’s 2013 TED talk


Enonkishu Conservancy


Do an online course in HM with our HUB discount


Please contact us for more details.

The Emarti Schools are based near the Emarti village in the trans-mara district of Kenya, on the other side of the Mara river to the Enonkishu Conservancy in  the Maasai Mara ecosystem.


The primary school was founded in the 1950’s and currently has over 700 children, between the ages of 4 and 18!


The secondary school was established and opened in 2011. It currently has just over 100 students with a boys dormitory and a girls dormitory. 


Find your place in the long-standing relationship between House in the Wild and the community you visit. Contribute to a development project and leave an impact that will last for generations to come.


Volunteer alongside local community members on a building or development project at the schools, and see the real results of your work—from bricks laid to foundations poured, and have a real impact on many lives on your visit...!